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IV Drips

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What is IV therapy?

Imagine a green juice that is full of vitamins being delivered directly into our body…

Getting nutrients delivered by intravenous drip is the best way to flood your system with skin-loving antioxidants. Prescribed by the doctor, safe and effective.

To meet all of your beauty needs, we offer we four types of IV drips at signature beauty lounge.


For brightening: full of glutathione, antioxidants and vitamin C which helps detoxify and strengthen the cells, and encourages the production of melanin, which can help lighten the skin and minimize dark spots.


For sliming: lipotropic + b12 which speeds up the metabolism and breaks down the fat cells.


For better immune system: We use Myers cocktails which is packed with multi- vitamin.


For stronger hair: Packed with vitamin B complex, vitamin C, zinc and biotin, helps with hair growth and stop hair breakage.



After the consultation with our nurse injector, making sure you are the right candidate to receive this treatment, you will lay down comfortably in our IV lounge area. You might feel a little prick when the needle is inserting into the arm, however, after that the whole process is painless.

the drip normally takes 40-50 minutes to be fully delivered into the body.

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